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Lincoln Bypass gets bridge lift

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A weathering steel bridge carrying two railway lines, which forms an important part of the Lincoln A15 Eastern Bypass scheme, has been successfully installed by BAM Nuttall and Cleveland Bridge.

The bridge deck is 40.5m long, 9m wide and weighed just over 620t. All bolts used were weathering grade TCBs, chosen for their durability and slip-resistant characteristics.

The two main bridge girders were assembled and welded in the factory to form two 40m-long sections, each weighing 107t, which were then delivered to site as complete pieces.

A steel solution, using weathering steel was chosen for its low maintenance requirements and cost-effectiveness.

“Because we’ve used weathering steel, once this structure is erected there is no need for any future painting,” said Cleveland Bridge Project Manager Rob McBride.

“The colour of weathering steel will change from grey blasted steel as it undergoes the rusting process to a light orange / brown and then a dark brown. Weathering steel contains specific alloy elements that produce a stable rust layer that develops over time to form a protective barrier which significantly reduces corrosion” he added.

Covering a distance of 7.5km, the Lincoln Eastern Bypass is a new road designed to improve infrastructure, minimise congestion and encourage economic growth for the historic city.

When complete in 2019, it will link with the existing northern relief road, thereby becoming the next step towards creating a complete ring road around Lincoln.

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