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HSE reiterates crane safety check procedure

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In response to a number of recent high profile tower crane accidents, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has restated that safety checks need to be carried out on cranes before they are used for the lifting of personnel.

As a result of the HSE’s National Prohibition Notice, contractors have been required to check cranes on a regular basis for sometime.

“As the cranes often belong to others, the contractors don’t always carry out their checks,” said Peter Walker, BCSA Health & Safety Manager. “The HSE is just reminding them to do the checks, whether or not they own the equipment.”

The British Standards’ BS 7121-2 gives additional recommendations for cranes that are used for lifting personnel and suspended baskets.

“All cranes need to be thoroughly examined at least every six months or in accordance with a written scheme of thorough examination,” said Mr Walker.

Contractors should take note of Annex E. This gives an example of a personnel carrier pre-use check form that should be used on a regular basis as established by a safety management system.

Mr Walker said some additional concerns have been identified that contractors need to address as part of their pre-use check.

“Check the six monthly inspection has taken place, confirm what repairs were identified and if they were carried out, and ensure the crane driver and all other personnel are sufficiently trained,” added Mr Walker.

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