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Gusset plate design tool goes live

Gusset150226The steel sector’s latest free online design tool is now available at:

The gusset plate design software may be used to verify the resistance of lapped gusset plate connections subject to compression, typically used where diagonal bracing connects to other members.

The gusset plate may be supported on one edge only (sometimes used for lightly loaded roof bracing) or on two edges, which is the common case where vertical bracing intersects at a beam-to-column connection.

The design model assumes that the unsupported end of the connection is free to displace laterally, as the bracing member buckles. The eccentricity between the two lapped plates is accounted for in the design model.

The resistance of the connection is based on a yield line analysis, with the moment due to eccentricity distributed to the two plates in proportion to their stiffness.

The design model has been validated against tests and Finite Element Analysis for orthodox connections with maximum 20 mm plates, M20 grade 8.8 bolts in square or rectangular patterns and a bracing angle of between 20° and 70°. Full details may be found in the ‘Green Book’ (P358), section 8.5.

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