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Galvanizing supports housing project

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Wedge150430East Anglian Galvanizing (part of the Wedge Group) has pledged its support to the development of new housing for young people in London.

The company galvanized 1.9t of steel for the creation of staircases, walkways and balconies used to access accommodation as part of the Forest YMCA’s mYPad scheme in Walthamstow, east London.

These new low-rent units are former shipping containers converted into affordable living spaces complete with kitchen, bathroom and living area.

With the containers stacked on two levels to utilise space, the staircase offers safe and convenient access to the adjoining top-level accommodation.

Main contractor BRIPAT Engineering Company Secretary Denise Cathrall said: “It was a pleasure to be involved in the mYPad scheme and feedback so far has been fantastic with the living spaces proving so popular another two have been commissioned for the area, so we look forward to providing further support in the future.

“Galvanizing the steel was a specific request by the contractor, and will ensure the stairways and balconies are protected against rust and corrosion, and look aesthetically pleasing for residents for years to come.”

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