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Estimodelling feature added to latest STRUMIS release

The latest steel fabrication management information software from STRUMIS now includes the company’s new Estimodelling feature.

Creating the ability to quickly import a fully connected steel project model from a 3D detailing program, such as Tekla Structures and SDS2, Estimodelling offers a host of benefits to users.

The new feature allows connection details and weld data to be detected, imported and costed accurately. Previously, industry norms only provided a ‘reasonable assumption’ for process times such as cutting and drilling.

Within the feature, connection details are considered with precise manufacturing cut and drill times. Each beam and plate is analysed for thickness and hole diameter, which is said to result in accurate process times, while estimating a steel project.

Estimodelling also allows weld data within the 3D model to be considered as a vital component that can be costed for time and labour.

STRUMIS Sales Manager Steve Watson said: “The new Estimodelling feature within STRUMIS V11.1, demonstrates our commitment to our customers and the wider steel fabrication industry.

“Estimodelling provides an unrivalled ability to rapidly generate supremely accurate estimates within STRUMIS, helping users ensure 100% accuracy, including true process times for welding, cutting and drilling. In addition, businesses will also benefit from knowledge retention, consistency of quotes, peace-of-mind of bid accuracy and estimate versus actual real-time job costing in an easy-to-use, user-friendly and modern interface.”

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