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Blue Book updated to include higher grade steel

The interactive (online) version of the Blue Book, the essential aid for the design of steelwork, has been updated to include resistance tables for S460 steel.

The use of S460 higher grade steel facilitates design efficiency with smaller lighter sections and less embodied carbon. This grade of steel is said to be particularly useful for columns in multi-storey buildings.

With future developments in mind, resistance tables in S460 for steel angles and channels have also been added in the updated Blue Book, but designers are advised to check their availability before specifying these sections in the higher grade.

Steel Construction Institute Associate Director David Brown said: “Resistances in S275 are still included, but with a greyed-out font on the index pages, reflecting the gradual move towards higher strengths.

“The S275 resistances may be used to verify existing members, but S275 should not be specified for new beam and column sections.”

Section ranges for hollow sections have been comprehensively updated to reflect those produced by Tata Steel in S355, S420 and S460. The resistance tables for hollow sections clearly indicate which sections are readily available. Other sections and steel grades may be subject to minimum order sizes.

The updated and enhanced Blue Book is available at:

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