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Metal decking app launched by SMD

October 10, 2018 by NSC in Weekly News
Structural Metal Decks (SMD) has developed a new mobile phone app for architects, designers and engineers. Called SMD Elements® Span Check, the free-to-download app is a calculation tool enabling users to run simple span checks on its range of floor deck profiles.

Said to be easy-to-use, the company said it believed this app to be the only one of its kind on the market. It helps users to understand the options available for each product and what can be achieved with different types of specification.

Downloadable for Android and Apple devices, the app has been designed by SMD’s Marketing and Brand Manager Pete Watkins and created by Bournemouth digital agency Adido.

The App benefits from a simple menu along the bottom of the screen allowing users to navigate through the app easily and quickly.

Mr Watkins said: “The idea to create a multi-feature application for internal company and external client use is very much part of SMD’s ongoing development programme as we strive to offer the best possible service.

“It complements our long-established and well-used SMD Elements® Design software which is downloadable from the SMD website for Windows desktop use which enables more in-depth calculations.

As well as the main ‘Span Check’ tool for determining maximum deck spans, the new app features written technical help, a form for submitting queries, links to downloadable PDFs, website literature and FAQs.

Using a table of data, the app returns maximum span length results based on options entered by the user. The app will be regularly updated to account for developments on new products. Users can sign up to get notifications from SMD, through the app, on the latest company and product developments.

The app is downloadable now from any App store.

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