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Magnetic handling eases loading

October 1, 2007 by NSC2 in News

One of the first FICEP Tecno-lift units has been installed at Watson Steel Structures’ 19-acre site in Bolton, as part of the firm’s on-going programme to increase efficiency and productivity.

FICEP said more and more structural steel fabrication companies are discovering the benefits of Tecno-lift a completely safe and reliable system for the rapid handling of ferrous loads.

The system works on the principle of a permanent electro circuit which offers the power of an electro-magnet combined with the independence of a permanent magnet. The power is only applied for a few seconds to attach the lifting head to the load, which is then safely and securely clamped in position.

The load can be lifted, moved, positioned or suspended as required and it can be released when it is back on the ground, on a machine, truck or racking system.

No battery back-up is required to guard against power cuts and electrical consumption for this type of magnet is 95% less than with normal electro-magnets.

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