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Fast-drying coating launched by Hempel

July 26, 2017 by NSC in Weekly News
Coatings manufacturer Hempel has introduced a new epoxy intermediate coating that it said will deliver longer service life for industrial assets and steelwork.

Hempaprime Multi 500 is said to give faster drying times and shorter minimum overcoat intervals.

Specifically designed to be fast-drying to optimise productivity by shortening the man hours needed for application, Hempaprime Multi 500 is also said to enable three coats to be applied in 20% less time than other similar products without compromising on quality, strength, finish or the high-volume solids of the product.

Hempel said the new coating is a versatile product that can be used direct to metal or on primed surfaces, as primer, intermediate or topcoat application.

It is claimed that the high-performance solution assures a long service life for heavy industrial applications, helping to minimise maintenance requirements.

Monica Li Aviram, Segment Group Product Manager, Infrastructure, at Hempel said: ​”At Hempel, we understand our customers’ need for a fast-drying, intermediate coating to increase productivity and shorten the man hours needed for application.

“The versatility and adaptability of Hempaprime Multi 500 supports projects for the infrastructure, oil & gas and power generation sector during production, and provides top quality performance to new build assets throughout their service life. By not requiring thinning in optimum conditions, Hempaprime can be easily applied by spray, brush or roller, offering further efficiencies to asset owners.

“In trials, our customers have been impressed with the product’s ease of application, reduced over-coating time, smooth appearance of the dry surface, and the levelling of the intermediate surface over a range of dry film thicknesses.”

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